There are two factors in my life, that were they different, I would have absolutely no problem being a “Bernie or Bust” guy.

  1. I’m a father of two boys.
  2. Donald Fucking Trump

If I were not a father who had to worry about the country I’m going to leave my children, and if Donald Fucking Trump wasn’t in this election I would absolutely love nothing more than to watch the Republican and Democratic Parties have their asses handed to them in a four-way free-for-all fuckathon in November. A Sanders/Clinton/Scary Asshole Republican 1/Scary Tea Party Asshole Republican 2 race would be tremendous for this country.

Hell, if I were really convinced that Trump was pulling the greatest bit of performed satire since Stephen Colbert left his show I’d be “Bernie or Bust.” I can’t say that I loathe Hillary Clinton; I can’t even say I dislike her or that she’d be a bad president. She’d just be the wrong president at the wrong time, in my opinion. We are at a crossroads in this country, and as much as Hillary wouldn’t drive us off the cliff, she wouldn’t exactly be pumping the breaks if on the other side of that cliff is one of her financier friends, would she?

The ideas behind “Bernie or Bust” are philosophies I totally agree with.

Our System is Broken and More of the Same is Not Going to “Fix” Anything

Part of me really wants to believe that Bernie has brought Clinton far enough left to where he could drop out and when she’s sworn-in, she’ll immediately set about implementing what she says she and Sanders agree with. The other part of me knows she’s part of one of the two most powerful political familial dynasties of the last half-century and her family did not get there by bucking the system too much. It’s funny and sad to me that liberals that worship Liz Warren’s mantra of “the system is rigged” are getting tired of hearing Bernie talk about the same things over and over.

I don’t want to accuse any Hillary fans of being sexist or anything, but I wonder if Warren was fighting Clinton, and saying pretty much the same things he is, whether so many Hillary fans would be so quick to forget liberals are supposed to be the ones fighting against big business corrupting our government.

Congress Won’t Work With Anyone They Don’t Have To

You think Democrats in Congress won’t filibuster every single item headed to President Trump’s desk? You don’t think the fight over who he chose for the Supreme Court would be a nasty one, and that Congress would just roll over? Take your blinders off; the GOP establishment has finally figured out that they made this Trump Monster and they are trying to kill it with fire. Trump might actually be, crazily enough, a unifying force in Congress — albeit unified against him —  and the first time he does something remotely impeachable he’ll be out on his ass. Of course then we have worry about who he chose as his running mate, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

I’m not saying I’m going to go “Bernie or Bust” because of this fact, but it does throw cold water on the hand-wringing over what Trump could to do this country. Are Democrats really becoming Republican-esque in their hyperbolic overestimation of what one president can do or not do? Have they not learned anything from the last eight years?

Embracing Sanders Could Actually Create a Down Ballot Wave to Change the Makeup of Congress

Hillary supporters may not believe this fact, but one peek into the Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash shows that Sanders is firing up voters, and not just young ones. If the DNC actually embraced Sanders, turnout — which Democrats are constantly bitching about — might not be a factor. Look at the states that Bernie is winning. In Maine, there was massive turnout and he won. That’s a pattern in every state he’s taken so far — and those states, by the way, are blue states full of Democratic voters.

I’m not saying that Hillary can’t inspire the same kind of down ballot wave, but Hillary fans are once again being delusional if they don’t confront the fact that a lot of people despise the Clintons, and not just Republicans. I’m not one of those people; I just think we need a return to a president who will fight for the people first, and big business second. But to pretend as if Sanders being at the top of the ticket couldn’t bring out Democratic voters in droves, helping to reshape congress, is to live in a fantasy world.

…But I Still Can’t Do It…Yet

I want to. Oh sweet Jesus do I want to. Fuck the Democratic Party. As much as they’ve been good at stopping the GOP’s horrible social policy agenda on the federal level, they have cozied up just as much with the same interests we all know are corrupting our government every day. They have superdelegates in place specifically to cut off the people from having their true voice heard. These are things that offend me deep enough to want to wish a pox on their house as well…but goddamned, motherfucking Donald J. Trump is on the other side, and I can’t get a good read on him…not good enough to risk this one.

I live in a state that will safely go Democratic. I believe in principles over party. I want so badly to stand up and be counted among those whose principles drive them to decide it’s “Bernie or Bust.” I just can’t do that…yet. But I won’t lie, the way the Democratic Party and Hillary’s supporters are trying to minimize Sanders’ long career in fighting for equality is turning me off to the point that I might just do it after all.

And I’ll handle all the bullshit cries of “President Trump thanks you for your vote” at that time, if I should make that decision…because that is an epic strawman built to do nothing else but guilt-trip you for voting your conscience, but we’ll cross that bridge if the Democrats make me. Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but I have a feeling that “Bernie or Bust” comes from a place of recognizing that settling doesn’t have to be done right away, and that principles matter, no matter whose “team” you’re on.



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