Ben Shapiro is that kid you had in all your classes that thought he knew everything, because his conservative parents told him what to say, and so he says with it with all authority of someone who knows what the truth really is. I should know, because for the first sixteen seventeen years of my life, I was that kid. Slowly, over time, I realized that I didn’t actually have the answers just because my conservative parents told me to ignore literally everything that didn’t fit in with their political beliefs, and I grew to understand not only did I not know everything, what I thought I knew completely flew in the face of simple critical thinking and logic.

Let’s get back to Shapiro though, shall we? In this latest episode of Ben Shapiro Proves He’s a Shallow Thinking Fuckwit, he attempts to go after Cameron Kasky, a teenage survivor of the Parkland Massacre that left seventeen of his peers and school’s faculty members dead. Shapiro is a “guns for everyone all the time” conservative, and so he’s been one of the leading voices on the right mocking, attempting to shame, and downplaying the #NeverAgain movement started by Kasky and a few of his friends from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

First, Cameron tweets this:

It’s a pretty easy thing to understand for most sentient creatures. Since we don’t have central, federally enforced gun trafficking laws and instead rely on a patchwork of state laws, a city like Chicago can have all the gun legislation it wants, but it isn’t an island, and so neighboring Indiana, for instance, can help import massive amounts of guns into Chicago, which is what Cameron was saying.

Of course, we all know that the word “Chicago” is a clarion call for pretentious assholes with misplaced, unearned hubris. So here comes minuscule Ben to try and “own” Cameron. He goes with the trite as fuck “Chicago is Murder Town” line of rhetoric.

That’s of course when a bunch of Shapiro Sycophants started pilling on in the thread. But Cameron was cool as a cucumber and smacked Shapiro back. He was polite, but his pimp hand was strong because it was aided by a little thing called “facts.” Cameron hit Shapiro with them hard.

Gee, it’s almost like there there are more guns, more people die from guns. Some Second Amendment Psycho will cry about suicides being lumped in with homicides, but that’s because they just don’t care what kind of rational argument you make, they don’t want to give up their guns. So they think that someone committing suicide with a gun should be in its own, magical category as if the people left behind from a gun suicide aren’t just as devastated as a homicide, and as if we couldn’t possibly save more people from suicide if we could keep a gun out of their hands during their most vulnerable and lowest points.

I’ll never understand why people like Shapiro get to pretend they’re smart. It’s literally the most common sense thought ever to say, “If there are lots of guns in an area, there are more chances for gun deaths.” It’s completely the same as saying, “The more grenades there are in an area, the more likely you are to die from a grenade.” How can Ben know about things like war zones still say that more guns doesn’t mean more gun deaths? Hell, look at the firearm death rates for this country compared to others and the only countries close to us are developing countries with no strong government, that are, effectively war zones.

Shapiro and other conservatives love to slag off Chicago like the ultimate “gotcha” in the gun control debate. But there are cities in red states, right next door, that have the same, if not higher, rates of gun deaths. I know for a fact that down south people get shot in disputes all the fucking time. But you never hear Shapiro talking about all the times Jethro and Jed get into a shouting match over who gets to fuck their cousin first this time that wind-up in them pulling guns on each other.

The bottom line is that Ben Shaprio tried to school a kid who survived a mass shooting and just got his ass handed to him instead, as evidenced by his last tweet, sent after Cameron was the one owning him.

No Ben, he said Indiana is a contributing factor. He proved that it is. You are just ignoring it, because you’re an idiot.



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