Well, well, well…y’all know that President who hasn’t managed to do a damn thing in eight years? You know, the one who faked his birth certificate and got himself elected by chemtrails? Twice? Yes, President Obama. He done gone and got himself published! So just to add to the long list of absolutely goddamn nothing he has accomplished while in office, he is now the first sitting president to (not) be published in a scholarly journal!
Barack Obama, JD, wrote an assessment of the Affordable Care Act for the Journal of the American Medical Association as a special contributor. Although it is not peer-reviewed, it did still have to meet the extremely rigorous standards of the Journal, including two months of fact-checking, edits, and revisions.

Per Fortune, the article, “United States Health Care Reform: Progress to Date and Next Steps,” is impressive.

The piece, which contains 68 footnotes to academic journals and government publications, claims to present evidence showing that the number of Americans without health insurance has dropped dramatically, and resulted in lower hospital readmission rates. Obama also used the article to recommend the introduction of a “public option” plan in parts of the U.S. and for the federal government to push down drug prices.
Obama is the only author named on the article, though the President does credit seven staff members for assistance with writing, research and editing.

I’ve decided I’m feeling brave. Two law classes in college, experience administering employee insurance during the initial roll-out of the ACA, and my status as a professional patient should make me almost an expert, right? Bring it, Mr. President.
OHMYGAWD y’all this is so boring. I mean, seriously, I did taxes professionally, and this shit is putting me to sleep. I think he should slow jam this with Jimmy Fallon. I have spent my entire professional career crying over legalese, because I know the first day of law school those professors must offer a prize to the student who graduates with the ability to turn the fewest words into the most verbose document known to man. (Shout out to all the lawyers; I love you!)

  • Importance: The ACA is the biggest thing since Medicare/Medicaid and sliced bread.
  • Objectives: Review the reasons for enacting the law, summarize its effects (this part could use some work, just saying), and recommend improvements to the overall healthcare system.
  • Evidence: Analyze data from 1963 until early 2016, with charts and graphs, and I don’t think a few gifs would have hurt.
  • Findings: The ACA has been awesome, but there are improvements that can be made.
  • Conclusion: Quit being little partisan bitches – Paul Ryan – and continue to implement Marketplace options, increase federal funding for enrollees, and reduce prescription costs (Oh Canada!)

If you would like to read in more detail, I invite you to click on the link and geek out. Or, do what I plan to do. Give it a few days and wait for someone much smarter to write a genius article that explains it. Oh, you thought this was going to be that masterpiece of brilliance? Yeah, so did I. The folks at Fortune obviously didn’t read it, and the President wrote it with seven staffers. I didn’t stand a chance. Now we both have to live with disappointment.



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