If you thought that the Trump Era in American politics was going to be relatively the same as the Pre-Trump Era, you are deluding yourself. Some people think that Trump becoming president is the moment we became a Banana Republic. But I have to say, I think it’s more a case that the Banana Republicans — not the #NeverTrump variety like Ana Nevarro — are now in charge. And the only question is whether the Trump years will be more shit show than just shit. I want to heartily LOL at it all, but the sobering thought that their lunacy won’t just be confined to the campaign trail keeps from being overly giddy at the prospect.

The Trump Administration, at least at the very outset, is looking like it will be very bit as clueless and rudderless as you’d expect an organization run by a guy who’s never had to face the consequences of his failure would look. The guy who ran his businesses so “successfully” he’s relied on Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a legitimate part of his business strategy should be expected to have, shall we say, a certain amount of “clusterfuckery” baked-in, and thus far, that seems to be precisely the case.

For example, this past Sunday, Trump’s campaign manager didn’t know Congress is already in session on Inauguration Day. The Trump Team apparently thought coming out big and bold on the first Sunday after their election and insisting on a special congressional session to repeal Obamacare would be advisable. Maybe they thought it would position them with strength. But as I already mentioned, congress is already in session that day so there’s no need to convene something special, as long as he can get leadership, which belongs to his party in both chambers, to put it on the schedule.

Then there’s the fact that someone on his transition team thought Obama’s White House staff would stay on with Trump. Historian and author Kevin M. Kruse’s tweet on the subject I think sums it up for all of us…”OK.”

Is anyone else getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about the next four to eight years besides me? Isn’t it just so perfect that Team Trump are in power only because of a mechanism in the Constitution — namely the Electoral College — and they have zero clue how the Constitution or our government works? Thanks Founding Fathers!

Honestly, I know I’ve written quite a few hundred words lately on the obsolescence, anti-democratic nature, and downright illogical nature of the Electoral College since last week. But it seems to me that what’s happened is the exact reverse of what it was designed to do. Ostensibly, it was designed to keep the people from exercising too much democracy and electing a total boob. You see, the Founders were largely educated, land owning men and understood that at the time, the common person wasn’t all that educated, so they figured if they put one more layer of control between the people and the Executive, that would be beneficial for everyone.

The problem now is that even the most education-free of us is probably more knowledgeable than the Founders themselves were. So  basically the Trump presidency is only going to happen because of an arcane trick of the ruling class. I’ve seen a lot of people post that idiotic Prager University video as evidence as to “why” we need the Electoral College. It’s bullshit.

Just explain to me why a position that answers to every single U.S. citizen equally would need to have equal state representation elect him. We already have state representatives in Congress. Don’t tell me, “Because we’re a Constitutional Republic” either. There is nothing in the definition of a republic or a constitutional republic that says we can’t directly elect people. In fact, up until the 20th century, direct election of Senators didn’t even happen, so we’ve already forced more democracy into elections once before; it’s time to do it again.

But enough about the Electoral College. We’ll find out in a couple of years just how bad an idea it is to not let the popular vote decide who won. Let’s just keep pointing and laughing at the Banana Republicans. The Banana Republicans are such an embarrassment and bullying group that even former George W. Bush officials like Ethan Cohen, as reported by our own Renee Webb, are backing away from them forthwith.

Top Republican Has Moment Of Sanity, Will Avoid Working for Trump Administration

The real question will be how the Banana Republicans fare without seasoned veterans in their decision making teams. You can’t call it anything but the B-Team when you have John Bolton, Sarah Palin, and Rudy “9/11” Guiliani in your cabinet. When you have the Breitbart Guy as a high-ranking official, you’re not setting yourself up for cogent, salient leadership.

Of course, it might not really matter. After all, the same party that chased Bill Clinton over a consensual, willing blowjob just elected the Pussy Grabber In Chief. We are being told we made too much a big deal about Trump’s verified and documented racism, xenophobia, and sexism. We live in a post-factual, satirical world, and it’s so bad that it looks like Google and Facebook might conspire to kill my beloved satire with their bare, high tech hands. It probably doesn’t matter that he’s setting himself up to be a laughing stock, his supporters just wanted that swamp drained and Hillary locked up, and they didn’t care how much hypocrisy or gob smacking selfishness they exposed themselves as possessing by electing the reality-TV halfwit.

Don’t tell them that he’s already backtracked on both of those promises either; save your breath. They’ll tell you he’s “negotiating.” We’re really kinda up Derp Creek for the foreseeable future, one way or the other.

So my advice is to keep up the good fight. Don’t let them get away with anything. At the end of the day, though, we’re all along for the ride with a lot of this. Hopefully the Democrats in the Senate exercise the full might of their filibuster power, but there will probably be many times like this past weekend where all look at each other and shrug that “Holy shit our contrary is being run by idiots” shrug we thought we’d never give each other again after Dubya left office.

God Bless Americ-LOL.

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