Sessions’ testimony last week was a comedy bonanza. Twitter lit up with references to Keebler elves, to that bumbling cartoon rooster who can’t remember things and whose name I can’t remember (how meta!), and to all sorts of goofy redneck characters, not to mention comments like ‘when my grampa sounded like that, we knew it was time to take away his keys’.

Of course, it isn’t funny that the nation’s highest law enforcement official is either extremely stupid or extremely unethical – or both – but it does feel like the beginning of a process where slowly, but surely, things are coming into the light regarding Jeff Sessions.  

(Bonus points if that sentence made you think of the lady in Poltergeist saying “Come into the light”, “No, don’t come into the light” – am I the only person who wanted to scream, WHICH IS IT? – but I digress…)

At any rate, I do remember the Watergate hearings, and how it felt like things were moving slowly, but the process worked. (And frankly, I don’t want Trump out of office so soon that people forget about everything by the 2018 elections…) So I’m feeling a bit more optimistic, and more patient, and thus more willing to score whatever cheap shots I can at the expense of Trump and his minions.

And since this is a story that is slowly unspooling, about cheesy characters like Jeff Sessions, what more appropriate song could there be than the theme song from the Beverly Hillbillies?


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