michele bachmann diariesDear Diary,

I have to say, it’s a lot more fun being me now that I am out of Congress. Granted, I would have loved to be Queen of Godlandia, but frankly, I am so much more untethered now. That’s the wrong word. Unfettered. Yes, that one. Gosh, this thesaurus can be confusing! Anywho, now I get to go on the radio, and star in movies, and I have a lot more time to shop.

Speaking of going on the radio, Jan Markell had me on again to chat about End Times, and how Obama wants to become King by becoming Secretary General of the United Nations. See, Iran wants all the Syrian oil, and so does Vladimir Putin, and they are teaming up with China to destroy Israel, because Israel has shale which means Israel has natural gas. And since Obama hates Israel, he’s going to get himself appointed Secretary General, destroy Israel, team up with Putin, Iran, and China, and sell all of Israel’s oil and gas to ISIS. I mean, Obama is visiting a MOSQUE in Baltimore. A mosque. He didn’t visit that church in North South Carolina where that poor mentally ill white boy shot all those colored people black worshipers. Oh wait, yes he did. And he sang, which was so tacky. The only reason Obama went is because the victims were all black. And the only reason he’s going to that mosque is because he’s a Muslim. And Muslimity is banned by the Constitution.

Jan and I both read an article in Investor’s Business Daily about how Obama wants to be “president of the world.” Townhall has a similar article, based on information from Al-Jarida, a Kuwaiti newspaper. Al-Jarida was also the first newspaper to report that Obama was planning on shooting down Israeli aircraft trying to bomb Iran, and I know that’s true, because Jan told me it was. The comments under the article at Townhall are incredibly intelligent, like this one, from “grassroot:”

he’s working for the NWO, as Geo. Soros selected him, promoted him and defended him, got him ” elected,” twice, Now he wants to continue that agenda from the UN. Another NWO arm.

George Soros is a communist who funds super-awful leftist websites like Reddit. He’s evil.

I have always believed that electing Barack Hussein Soetero Obama would bring about the End Times, and now, it looks like I was right. Is he the Antichrist? He could very well be, Diary. He’s divided this country between rich and poor, colored black and white, thugs and law enforcement, he hates Israel, he’s not a Christian, he loves HOMOS (he might even be one, according to some You Tube videos. I think he might; I have excellent “gaydar.”), and he supports terrorism by refusing to call ISIS a terrorist group.

As a true Christian who hates HOMOS, Muslims, liberals, abortion doctors, criminals, and supports banning everyone with brown skin Muslims from our great nation, I am prepared for the End Times. Marcus and I have our wills written-we’re leaving everything to Liberty University-and when the Second Coming occurs, and Jesus descends from the Heavens, his pearly white skin glowing with Heavenly light, I know Marcus and I will be taken up, body and soul. And if one more person tries to tell me Jesus looks Jewish, I will slap the silly out of them. Jesus was not Jewish, although I love the Jewish people…well…no, I love Israel. Jews are sort of sneaky.

Marcus has a Netflix and Chill party tonight at his friend Stephan’s house, so I invited Harrison over. We’re trying to put our mom-son relationship back together. He did betray me, but Jesus says we should forgive, so I forgave Harrison. Unfortunately, he can’t come over tonight. He’s busy. He’s always busy. I wish I knew how to get in touch with one of my 476 98 212 306 foster kids: we could play canasta and drink Tab.

Off to read the Bible! Hugs and kisses-Michele




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