Question One

Dear Renee,

Why can’t people be both pro-life and pro-choice at the same time?

Helen of Troy


Dear Helen,


I believe they can be both. I think the reflexive definitions have become very politicized in recent years, so that people feel they must be wholly one or the other. Personally, I feel I am both, but I will tell people I am pro-choice. For myself, I always felt that I could not go through with an abortion, but of course, circumstances are unpredictable. I have a daughter now, and I can unfortunately imagine tragic instances where I might feel one is necessary. However, outside of those, I would want her to keep her child. I honestly think if we had strong support systems in place for women nationwide, we would see the number of abortions decrease significantly. They are already currently at a 40 year low.

When women have the tools and the power to control their family planning, they don’t have nearly the instances of unplanned pregnancies. If we added to that automatic support for single mothers or referrals to excellent adoption agencies and superior prenatal care, imagine the difference that would make! But we don’t. We fight over abstinence vs. true sex education in schools. We fight over giving fact-based vs. incorrect information regarding procedures. Our society shames women for getting assistance with food stamps and healthcare. If we all came together, and gave all the correct information, I think the rate would be so low that we could reboot the conversation. Yes, abortions would still occur. I don’t want the government deciding what women can and cannot do with their bodies. But this would allow the decision to be solely between a woman and her doctor, as it should be. I would never judge a woman for having one, and I would hold her hand if that is what she chose. 


Question Two


Dear Renee,


Besides the meaning of life, is fuck-fucker-fuckest grammatically correct?

/signed recent immigrant/.

Dear Recent Immigrant,

The English language is a bitch, and I apologize for that. Fuck is a very important word though, and one we use quite often, especially during times of political distress.  Unfortunately, it’s really not that exciting. Below is a chart courtesy of


I fuck
you fuck
he/she/it fucks
we fuck
you fuck
they fuck
I fucked
you fucked
he/she/it fucked
we fucked
you fucked
they fucked

Infinitive – Gerund

to fuckfucking


let’s fuck




As for the meaning of life, I’m not sure I can offer much help there. But, I certainly think fucking can enhance it with the right person. Just make sure you’re using the proper protection, so you don’t end up dealing with the problem in question one!

Love to y’all!



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