I don’t really feel like I’m dropping the fourth wall here or anything, but the majority of my political writing is made-up. 

Another, more artsy-fartsy sounding way of saying that is that I’m “satirist.” When I first started The Political Garbage ChuteI wasn’t nearly as focused on writing straight-satire and I wrote mostly snarky and angry “rant” style posts (like this one), but after awhile I got tired of being Bloviating Blogger Bruh, and I reminded myself that at my core, I’m a clown. So I started focusing most of my energy on making up shit to put into politicians’ and their fictional supporters’ mouths. I figured that satire being one of the oldest forms of comedy it was going to be a nice way for me to make my mark as it were.

But I’ve noticed something really odd since focusing on writing comedic fiction — people don’t get that it’s fake. Like, a lot of the time of they don’t Granted, I don’t satire tag everything, but I also don’t make it that hard to figure out what I’m doing is satire. Still though, I can’t count how many fans of mine on the Chute’s page have made comments leading me to believe that they have no idea that I make up the headlines and content of probably 95% of the stuff I put out every day.

Why though? Why is satire fucking dying on me? Or at least, why does it feel that way? These questions frustrate me daily. But then, I started noticing something a few weeks ago. Old headlines of mine were starting to pop up. No one was dumb enough to plagiarize my silly shit. These were actual headlines from the real world that were looking and sounding like something I wrote. Then, finally, this morning I was reading through The Huffington Post and the headline “WHITE SUPREMACIST SUPER PAC BACKS TRUMP,” and it all clarified in an instant.

People aren’t getting satire as much these days because reality is satire. Don’t believe me? Here are two pieces I wrote weeks ago, maybe even months ago for the Chute. I’ve run re-published both here on Modern Liberals too, but I wanted to emphasize the original dates the pieces were written, to show just long ago I had this vision of the future, as it were.


Illinois Nazis Re-Endorse Donald Trump for President

If you click through and read the dates that either of those posts were published, you’ll see that I concocted the stories months ago. Admittedly, both stories were spread around like wildfire, and most certainly because a great many people thought it was real. I used to think that people maybe weren’t being taught in school, like I was about 23 or 24 years ago, what satire was. Maybe, I figured, since we’ve been banning books like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and growing ever more cautious and politically correct, satire was as important, but then it hit me, that’s not the case at all.

A Super PAC that is unabashedly a white supremacist group just openly endorsed Donald Trump. No wonder my stories of two of the most easily identified white supremacist groups endorsing Trump seem real…because they kind of are now. I don’t mean to say I conjured the future, or that the people in my stories are real. However now, the essence of the story is 100% genuine. A group that wants to keep white people at the top of the societal pyramid has endorsed Donald Trump officially, and that is exactly what those two satirical stories of mine are about.

Comedy isn’t really all that funny when yo deconstruct or dissect it too much, but ultimately the message of both of my pieces was a simple one: Donald Trump is playing to the racists in this country. It was obvious then, and now that it’s culminated in a real-life satirical situation — a White Supremacist SuperPAC (which sounds satirical itself) has endorsed Donald Trump for president. And this isn’t the only time this has happened recently.




So please accept my apologizes now, if you ever read one of my stories in the past, taken it for reality, and I got snippy with you. It all makes sense now. Conservatives have managed to turn the tables on us, and we’re now living in satirical ties.

I guess that means I’m a “realist” now. Time to go update my bio.


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