A Baton Rouge pastor is ruffling some feathers among her flock by responding to their petitions for prayer for ill friends and relatives with a slogan frequently used to counter the civil rights refrain “black lives matter.”
Sara Gorman, leader of the nondenominational New Pointe Ministries, said she began using the phrase “all lives matter” as a standard retort to requests for divine intercession on behalf of the sick after noticing several members of her congregation had posted the saying online following instances of black Americans being killed by police.
“Tragically, there have been a number of African-Americans who either have been killed by police or have died while in police custody, prompting outcries from the Black Lives Matter movement,” Gorman said. “In response, many members of New Pointe have fired back on social media with the claim ‘all lives matter.’ So I just figured, if that’s what they consider to be a healing and edifying message when a group of folks are hurting and calling attention to a societal ailment affecting a specific group of people, why not comfort them with the same message when they ask for healing of physical ailments affecting other certain people?”
Gorman said if people ask her — whether in person, over the phone, or online — to pray for an ill child, parent, spouse, or sibling, she responds with the three-word message that “all lives matter.”

“It’s a huge time saver,” Gorman beamed. “I used to sit and pray with and for sick people several hours a day. Now I just say the three magic words to let them know that their loved one is no more important than the countless other sick people around the world.”
She added, “I don’t even have to go to hospitals and nursing homes anymore, since the lives of the people there don’t matter any more than the other seven billion souls on God’s green Earth.”
As for the time freed up by no longer praying for the sick, the 32-year-old Christian minister said she uses it to search for Facebook posts seeking prayer for the sick.
“I just type in the comment section ‘all lives matter’ and hit ‘enter,’” Gorman explained. “I’m just doing my part to make the world a better place.”
When asked if she’s worried about being seen as a troll by posting something expressly designed to offend others, Gorman replied, “I’m not trolling. I’m telling the truth. All lives domatter, so why bother with prayer for only some lives?
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a mother of a very sick 4-year-old at St. Jude Hospital whose Facebook status I need to comment on.”
Republished from The Red Shtick.


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