It’s shocking to me how our moral compass can be swayed by our need to be right. I wanted Bernie, shit happens, we find the next best candidate. I’m shocked to find many Bernie supporters will now vote for Trump because “OMG, I Hate that bitch Hillary.”
Really? Why? I mean, what is it exactly that you “hate” about her? Let me be more specific, what is it someone else told you they hated about her, that you now decided you hated about Hillary? If you believe you hate Hillary so much you would vote for Trump just to spite her, you shouldn’t be given kindergarten scissors let alone a ballot. You think you’re fighting the good fight and flexing your rights? The truth: you don’t give a fuck about the welfare of the American people. (“WELFARE – the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group.”)
If you are gay and willing to vote for Trump, knowing full well his VP pick, Mike Pence signed the Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law allowing businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community, you don’t deserve the right to vote.
“Yeah But…”
Hey stupid! There is no “BUT” – you are willing to risk the rights and freedoms of your fellow community because you don’t like Hillary?
That’s like in fifth grade, when I refused to help out with a lemonade-stand fundraiser for a friend whose house burned down because she invited that bitch Bianca. To this day, aside from the fact she would masturbate furiously during our sleepovers, I cannot remember why I hated Bianca.
The number one reason people say they hate Hillary. Is it on the board? Let’s see : Her war record! Every president, congressman and senator has a war record, it’s their fucking job. Which proves my point that most Americans don’t even know why they hate her. Most Americans don’t know why they hate anything anymore, but I think I’ve found the answer.

We are more willing to (eventually find comfort to) have a black man in the White House than a vagina. Just say it and stop pretending you have some moral compass, or give two shits about the war records of previous presidents…You voted for them with no qualms. What’s the difference? Vagina.
She’s doing exactly the same for war as every other senator and congressman before her and every senator, congressman and president will do until the end of time. Do you think she woke up one morning and thought, “Fuck it, let’s arm Syria and see what happens.” then pushed a button and the deed was done? All by the touch of her little manicured finger, the wars began?
War is a collaborative effort. War is the number one cause of debt which is the number one way to print more money. The country with the most debt – that would be us – wins. Why do you think we’re the most powerful, have the most weapons, the grandest military but we’re number one on the list of indebted countries? There are only a certain number of bills minted and “printed”..what happens when you run out of all that money? You find a way to print more. How do we do that? Create debt.
Money doesn’t even exist you assholes. You can touch it on a small level but once it’s in the six and seven and eight digits and up, it becomes a “concept”, an illusion. Those banks and corporations with all that money? That’s YOUR money they’re playing with and hoping to (pretend to) pay back. That’s your retirement, your healthcare, your social security. You earned that. It is your right as an American and as a slave, I mean taxpayer.
The corporations use OUR money. The government runs on OUR money. The government, corporations and WARs exist only because of the income from American workers and earners.
More than half of every tax dollar taken from your check goes to WAR, to the department of defense. To killing human beings. Because the best way to print more money is to murder people.
Wars may have started over religion, but they have always been fought over land and power. Nothing more. And If you think for a second our politicians don’t pretend to stir empty pots and scream “FIRE!” to terrify us and make us comfortable, to make us feel justified with invading and murdering more people, you need to wake the fuck up.
If you think Hillary is your problem, you need to wake the fuck up. I would rather have a war-mongering woman who can spell government over a Cheet-o with a combover. Hillary is just the right amount of corrupt to run this country and take no shit.
If you think Trump is the solution because Hillary is a war-monger (which she is), then you should probably know, Mike Pence…? The one standing next to your great orange hope? Was balls deep in the Iraq war alongside Hillary.
Just admit, you hate her because well, vagina.


  1. I am VERY sure why I hate Hillary Clinton: Whitewater, lying, Insider trading, lying, character assassination of Bills victims, lying, Travelgate, lying, Hillarycare, lying, Benghazi, lying, Yemen, lying, Honduras, lying, Haiti, lying, Syria, lying, Libya, lying, destruction of evidence, lying, hiding of evidence, lying, 48 mysterious deaths, lying, White House theft, lying, reckless and egregiously careless handling of sensitive government info, lying, brazen disregard of laws, rules and regulations, lying, contempt for people of the USA, lying.


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