I’m reading in WSJ about how a bus load of Bernie and Clinton supporters arrived at the DNC then wouldn’t sit together after Bernie announced he would support Hillary. How can people who want the same things be so divided? It’s fucking silly. I get that in America we’re privileged and spoiled and when we don’t get our way – even if it is the right way – we pout and stomp our feet. “It’s not fair!”
No, it’s not. But I have four words for you: George Fucking Dubya Bush. Do you want that again, but a billion times higher on the stupid scale? Our party wants the same thing: to make America Gre- I mean, to unite America and let me remind you, Hillary Clinton is not even close to being the most crooked or least capable candidate, or president for that matter.
We all wanted Bernie, but we didn’t get him. Suck it up, take your thumb out of your mouth and help me figure out how to fix this shit. As long as America is fighting internally, we’re distracted from the big picture.
We live in a nation where we’re afforded more freedoms than much of the rest of the world but we have a long way to go to catch up with some of our more liberal sister nations.  
Even being one of the freest nations we continue to have shitty, uber-Christians in offices all over America telling women what they can and can’t do with their vaginas, taking our retirement money and cock blocking humans from marrying another human because “Ew”.  
(Peep this: a recent study shows the majority of severely religious, homophobic men are sexually aroused when presented gay pornography. So it’s more like; “If I can’t be the pastor at my church and blow my pool boy, neither can you. Queer!”)
These are the same pretend followers of Jesus who’ve been been fighting against equality since slavery. Until now, in our country when one old crusty bigot dies, a new one slithers right in to take over their seat. And by slither I mean, is voted in by you the community. As long as we allow these people to control our local laws and government, we’re never going to have equality or make changes on a national level. It just doesn’t work like that.

We stomp our feet like we’re sick of being manipulated cattle, but as long as we sit on our high horses and just assume we’ll get what we want, cattle is what we shall be. Get out there and tell those old bastards what you want. I cannot express enough the importance of voting locally across America, fixing the fuckery starts within our communities; it starts in our states.
To my fellow Floridians, how about we start by getting Voldemort the polluter out as our governor? An acquaintance of mine has been trying at every turn to hold Rick Scott accountable but he can’t do it by himself.
As long as – Insert Shitty Politician From Your State – remains in office, we’ll continue waking up with sore assholes, not really sure what happened the night before. We start by forcing out leaders who make decisions which are supposedly on our behalf but impact us negatively. 
We are supposed to be the people politicians are fighting for but no one’s actually fought for us in a long time. Politicians fight for our money and that’s why we needed Bernie. We don’t have him but we can still have unity and equality and Bernie Sanders will still be right here (hopefully) fighting for us and along side us. He just won’t be doing it from the White House, yet.
Sitting around blaming the DNC or Hillary or your next door neighbor, that’s just taking up more time and makes us look more and more like congress and the GOP. Hello…Remember Boehner?? We’re better than that. Or are we?
Hillary Clinton could sit in the oval office and just throw her poop at a wall all day and still will have done more for this country than the Cheeto.
We have to get it together and make sure this doesn’t happen again. We have to ensure that we don’t lose a representative who we know with all of our hearts – represents US. I am heartbroken writing the words but we wipe our tears and we keep fighting.
If we take anything from this election, let it be that now more than ever we have a responsibility to vote in more people like Bernie Sanders on a local level, in every city and in every state.


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