Even when (and I refuse to say “if”, because I just cannot even imagine) Trump loses, we still have a major problem on our hands. We have always had Conservatives and Progressives, Republicans and Democrats, and a few fringe whack-a-nuts on either side. No problem! But all the sudden the alt-right fringe has become the mainstream norm, and holy baby jeebus what are we supposed to DO with these folks after November? I’m hoping they will all go crawl back into their homemade bunkers with their cases of Campbell’s soup and rifles and bars of gold and silver and leave us the hell alone, but unfortunately they probably won’t; then they will hang around and also reproduce and brainwash another generation.
I’m not going to lie. I was never a huge fan of Bernie Sanders’ free college plan, for a myriad of reasons I don’t want to get into here. However, the last few months have changed my mind (seriously). Higher education is the only way to fight this ignorance, and if people cannot afford it, let’s give it to them! Screw the financial impact…it’s cheaper than institutionalizing them. Or us. They are self-radicalizing online and getting bolder and crazier by the second, and their rhetoric and arguments are downright frightening. It’s like they all come from educationally-challenged Red States where answering “Jesus” on the test meant graduating with a 4.0, Creationism is literally true until disproved, and the nation was founded upon whatever the Good Reverend said it was.

Please take a Civics class. All these “immigrants” the alt-right complains about? Yeah, they have a better grasp of our country’s laws than you do, Bubba Junior. You couldn’t pass a Citizenship Test if your life depended on it. I have watched both mainstream Conservatives and Independents argue with these folks, and they will have nothing to do with logic. Some of the most common yet absurd arguments are these:
Mainstream media is biased and cannot be trusted! Here’s a youtube link.
FOX and CNN are too liberal for you? Oh, you’re still pissed, because they quoted your candidate. Let’s ignore that both are paying Trumpbots to pose as journalists. SAD!
White genocide is happening. Whites should marry whites to preserve the race.
They seem to be legit afraid of this. The best comeback I’ve seen? “Why are you afraid of being a minority? It’s almost like minorities are treated badly in this country or something.”
If black lives mattered, they wouldn’t have abortions – abortions are the number one killers of black lives, then black on black crime.
I fucking hate this argument. But if you really are afraid of being a minority, shouldn’t you support it? Just out of consistency? Even though it’s bullshit, I’d think you would be jumping for joy!
Only a true racist would deny blacks their homeland. Support #blaxit.
Free speech and diversity cannot coexist.
You’re still confused on the definition of free speech and pissed about the social ramifications of saying the “N-word” aren’t you? Poor baby.
It’s time to repatriate Mexicans and Muslims. Their anti-White programming is genetic.
HUH? Since when does skin pigmentation affect brain function? Ah shit, you’ve been drinking Shake-ology and doing colon cleanses haven’t you?
Tom Brady is being persecuted by the NFL and its anti-White establishment partners only because he is WHITE.
News flash…Tom Brady is in trouble because of suspicion of cheating. Personally, I don’t give a mouse’s tit except I’m exhausted with the story, but it has nothing to do with his skin color. There are people who suspect it could be his team colors, though. IDK.
Whites produce; non-whites consume.
Blah blah blah GTFO with this nonsense.
I’m a Christian you fucking shit-wasted libtarded idiot!
White Jesus does not approve this message.
If you don’t like it, leave.
Yeah, that’s not gonna work for me. I have as much right to live here and have an opinion as you do. The difference is, I’m in favor of what is legal and Constitutional, the alt-right is not. Go back to your bunker, darling.
**Author’s note: These messages have been edited to remove all caps and insert proper grammar and punctuation for your sanity as well as mine.


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