It’s another day that ends in “y”, so of course Alex Jones and Michael Savage are spouting insane nonsense. These far right wingnuts have a never-ending stream of conspiracies to offer up to keep their ratings high. The most frightening part is people actually listen to them and believe their tinfoil bullshit.

Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence* went on Savage’s radio show. They discussed immigration, specifically setting limits on it to prevent the United States from becoming a “one-party state” like California.

Savage, a radical conspiracy theorist who frequently spoke with Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and recently met with him at Mar-a-Lago, rejoiced that Trump is “talking about all the things that I’ve lived for all these years,” particularly the need—as he sees it—to crack down on immigration.

“Unless we stop the flood of massive numbers of new people who come into this country legally or illegally who almost always vote Democrat, we’ll never ever have a Republican administration,” Savage said. “It will be just like California, which is a one-party state. I truly believe that if I can send one message to yourself and the president, yeah, the security of the nation, sure, but it’s all connected to illegal immigration, I think you all know that by the way.” (RW Watch)

The Vice President* agreed with him and praised him. Then at the end, Pence vowed to stop illegal immigration completely.

It is great to know where his priorities are. Perhaps we should add a question regarding party preference on the citizenship test? Oh yeah, and security is important, too. Sure. But we absolutely cannot let anymore Democrats into this country! Blasphemy!

Sunday, Alex Jones spent time on his show praising Trump for his “idiot savant regular people skills” and “incredible mega-level charisma, which is why every evil force out there hates Trump, because he’s good.” (RW Watch) Word Salad. What does that even mean? The man is the most divisive president in years, with the lowest approval ratings. Furthermore, he routinely offends people, and he has no filter. The word “diplomacy” does not come to mind when one thinks of Trump.

Jones claimed that Trump is facing attacks from witches and devil-worshippers because of his closeness with God and his abhorrence of corruption.

His closeness with who? Seriously? The man cannot even name a book of the Bible correctly, much less talk about his personal relationship with Jesus. Also, he is the personification of corruption. He is blatantly using his position to benefit himself and his companies.

The InfoWars network host then made the easily debunked assertion that Hillary Clinton hasn’t uttered the words “God bless America” in “decades,” claiming that Clinton only said it in a video message to the Democratic National Committee last week “because she must now be the counterfeit Christ.”

Whaaaa? I do not think “far right” adequately describes this wingnut. Perhaps “needs to be evaluated for institutionalization”?

It is no wonder so many people in this country are tinfoil hat conspiracy nuts. Alex Jones and Michael Savage have good enough ratings to stay on the air, and they have the backing of the President and Vice President of the United States. Bless their tinfoil wrapped hearts.


  1. These two psychos desperately need medication-a lot of medication. Paranoid-schizophrenica is nothing to ignore or celebrate.


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