Thursday evening, I made a huge mistake: I posted a comment on Hillary Clinton’s Facebook page. Our next president had shared a meme featuring a quote from Michelle Obama, and I wrote:

Our son will be voting for the first time next month. He is proudly voting for our next president, Hillary Clinton. (I already voted, for Madame President.)

In all honesty, this was more of a mom brag than anything else. Our son has done his own research, and decided Hillary is the best candidate for POTUS. I posted my little blurb, and went back to other things. I should have known better. You never post a comment on Media Matters, The White House, or Hillary Clinton, because angry, bitter, ignorant, rude Trump supporters will attack en masse. Which is precisely what happened.


Karl Pietka Hey if you didn’t notice everyone hates and knows how corrupt she is. Your obviously smart and your son is gonna see what war looks like
With Hillary. I feel sorry for your kids.

Disclaimer-I only have one child. But I am obviously smart. And it’s “you’re.”


Aaron Davison Your proud to say you taught your son being corrupt and lying deserves to be rewarded ?

Again, it’s “you’re.”

So far, typical right wing crap being slung by terrified white men. Being the snarky creature I am, I wrote “White man tears make the best martinis.” And was called a racist because this is the Twilight Zone and conservatives don’t understand satire.

Then a woman named Kelly decided to add her two cents:

Kelly Hutchins Glidewell So you raised an illiterate moron?

To Kelly’s credit, she spelled illiterate correctly. But holy shit snacks, really? Because my son is voting for Hillary Clinton, he’s an illiterate moron? Kelly is a mom of, at least according to her Facebook page, a few sons. Sons who are being raised by a woman who, when someone exercises their First Amendment right to free speech, promptly insults that person’s kid. Sons who are being raised by a woman who probably thinks the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault are all telling the truth, while the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault are all lying.

Kelly, you dear, sweet, charming woman with the manners of a rabid hyena, my son is not an illiterate moron. He spent months investigating candidates, reading up on their policies, listening to speeches, and he came the conclusion that, given a choice between a sociopathic misogynist and the most qualified candidate in decades, he chose the latter. My son respects women, he loves this country, and understands that banning Muslims, or putting justices on the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe v Wade and reinstate DOMA and DADT, or calling Mexicans rapists, will do great damage to the United States.

My son is empathetic, bright, witty, and a better person at nineteen than you, madam, will ever be. My son supports social justice, equality, and treating everyone with respect and dignity. My son recognizes Donald Trump for what he is: A serial sexual predator who wants to violate the Geneva Convention, does not understand the laws that govern this great nation, and supports white supremacy and Alex Jones-esque conspiracy theories.

Here’s another mom’s rational response:

Lynnell Taylor You should be reported for child abuse

You know what I think of as child abuse, Lynnell? Raising children to hate, to fear “the other,” to think of women as objects, to be rude and ignorant, to be intolerant. That’s child abuse. Raising a son to think for himself, to vote his conscience, to be kind, to be empathetic, is not child abuse.

Merriam-Webster defines moron as:

usually offensive :  a person affected with mild mental retardation

A mother on the internet, so filled with self-righteous indignation that my son is voting for Hillary Clinton, called him a moron. What a deplorable thing to do.




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