I was raised that we did not hate anyone. We could dislike people, but to hate was unChristian.

I’m really glad I’m over the Christian thing now, because I have a serious, unabashed hatred for President-Elect Cheeto Jesus Gropenfuhrer von ThinSkin right now. And it extends to everyone who voted for him in the primaries, and probably everyone who voted for him in the general.

Here is why.

He never should have made it past this moment. The second he made fun of a disabled man was the second he disqualified himself from humanity, not just the presidential election race. Anyone who voted for him after this should be ashamed…and I mean rending garments, fasting, ashamed.

He told us the kind of person he was right then. I listened. Did you? When he refused to apologize, he reiterated the type of man he was. When he lied about it in spite of video evidence, he jumped up and down and screamed what kind of man he was. And every time he has changed his story he has waved his tighty whities in our faces and been clear as day: I am a hateful, remorseless mother fucker.

Yet you kept voting for him. I don’t give a fuck about walls and economic anxiety and white power and whatever other bullshit you have to tell yourself to sleep at night. You voted for a hateful, remorseless mother fucker Manny has dubbed Herr Gropenfuhrer.

Your pastors lifted up and declared as the savior to the Christian church a remorseless, hateful mother fucker. Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. encouraged you in the name of Jehovah Jirah to put into office a hateful, remorseless mother fucker. And you listened to them rather than think for yourself. You got on Facebook and Twitter and told everyone that Democrats were heathens and going straight to hell, while you were voting for a remorseless, hateful mother fucker.

You get nothing from me. You get no more sympathy for your “plight”, no more patience for your “lot in life”. You wanted a bully, because you do not have the balls to be that bully yourself. You are a chickenshit hiding behind a voting booth. You’re jealous that was not you on that podium that day. You’re rage is endless, because you are incapable of turning it inward where it belongs.

You bitch and moan and kvetch about your lack of opportunities, yet you do nothing to increase them. You whine and cry and lament the fall of the church, but you refuse to put Christ in your Christian. You decry and denounce and deplore political correctness, yet wonder why your town and your state are at the bottom in money and education.

A thin-skinned misogynistic bully is not going to fix it for you. Why? Because he is really and truly just a hateful, remorseless mother fucker.

He will make it worse. You have made it worse. And it all started with the most egregious act, that you chose to overlook time and time again.

This is your Frankenstein. You built Herr Gropenfuhrer, you bought him, you brought him, you kissed his ring.

Now you own his every move.


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