I am putting a great deal of effort into understanding and countering some of the most common yet ridiculous right-wing statements of the week. Here I go!

I’m not racist, bigoted, or misogynistic! I have economic anxiety.”

Have you ever been invited to a gathering, felt awkward and out of place, but finally managed to relax a bit when you saw your best friend standing off to the side? You nervously realize there are a few strangers, too, but surely they are nice folks. Wiping your sweaty palms on your pants, swallowing hard, you approach the group and summon all of your courage. Your friend introduces you, and you let down your guard. But suddenly one of the people says something insulting, and everyone laughs. At you, not with you. You look to your friend, unable to speak, waiting for him to stand up. Nothing. Not a word. That tacit approval is just as painful, perhaps even more so, than the original insult. It’s not quite guilt by association; it’s guilt by lack of repudiation.

“We can say ‘Merry Christmas’ again!” -Corey Lewandowski

When could you not? Serious question. You are mad that other people may not always choose to say it to you, perhaps opting instead for the more inclusive “Happy Holidays” or “Happy Hanukkah”. Exactly how insecure in your…religion…do you have to be to get so freaked out about something so trivial? Personally, nowadays, I’m thrilled if anyone takes the time to smile and say anything nice! What exactly do you plan to do if someone does not say Merry Christmas again? Boycott? I thought that was considered discriminatory against Christians…oh, that only works one way. Got it. Nobody can protest North Carolina or Mississippi for actual discrimination against specific groups of innocent people, but if your feels get a boo boo, no problem.

By the way, these are the same people railing about snowflakes and safe spaces?

“Liberals are a bunch of elitists…”

This one sparked a hashtag on Twitter, with many of us sharing our not elite backgrounds and our not elite lives. I honestly get whiplash from the back and forth of being told I’m elitist or I’m lazy and want something for nothing. Consistency would make this easier. Or maybe the inconsistency actually simplifies it even more. Liberals are a very diverse group; we are rich and poor, white collar and blue collar, urban and rural, majority and minority. We come from incredibly differing backgrounds yet diverge into a belief system that all people were created equal, and all people deserve to be respected and treated with dignity, with individual freedoms and liberties.

“Liberals just want to divide everyone by playing the race card.”



I cannot breathe. Are you shitting me? I get accused of this all the time, and I am nobody from¬†Bumfuck, Mississippi. I would love nothing more than to see everyone come together, arguing only policy differences, but never at the expense of any group of people.¬† I am certainly not the PeOTUS, although I’m probably about as qualified.

There are probably about a million more strange and/or terrible and/or illogical arguments right-wingers make, and as I come across them, I’ll keep sharing with you how I respond to them.



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