President Obama appeared on The Axe Files with David Axelrod Monday, when he was asked if he had run again on the same platform he had previously, did he think he would have won against Hairnado.

Here is his response:

I am confident in this vision because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it.

So Dan Spencer over at RedState wrote an entire column devoted to how there is no way in living hell President Obama would have beaten Donald Trump, because he is such a terrible president. I guess he sort of forgot about the whole four-year-high approval rating the President is currently enjoying, which was 54% on 11/3 and is 56% now. This is the highest it has been since right after his reelection in 2012. Oops, was that…”election” word used?

Then, President Obama won OVER Cheetolini in Gallup’s Most Admired Poll, twenty-two to fifteen percent.

Others in the top 10 included Pope Francis in third place and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in fourth, followed by the Rev. Billy Graham in fifth. Bill Clinton tied for sixth place with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Dalai Lama and Bill Gates, while Vice President-elect Mike Pence came in 10th.

Looking back at why Secretary Clinton lost, Trump won by a narrow margin in four swing states carried by Obama four years ago: Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Per Nate Silver, (and agreed with by Nate Cohn), the Comey letter had a significant impact and almost certainly cost Clinton the election.

Well, obviously President Obama would not have had these problems, although maybe we do need to assume the Russians might have tried to hack something to use against him. Who knows? So why does Spencer think the least favored candidate in the history of ever would win over President Obama? Well, the first complaint is Obama did not govern by consensus, but instead by executive order.

Well I fucking wonder why? I guess when the entire opposition party gets together and decides from Day One they are not going to do anything you want, no matter what it is, just because they feel like being a bunch of racist pricks, that’s the only way that is left! Is he the only person who doesn’t know about this? Next.

Obamacare is SO unpopular! Yes, it is so horrible that today, we found out the pussies in the GOP are likely going to push their “repeal and replace” back to 2020, because they do not want to risk the next election on it. Currently, twenty million people would lose their insurance, and frankly my dears, that’s a lot of goddamn votes.

Finally, Spencer argues this was a “CHANGE” election. The people were just desperate for CHANGE. Well, maybe so. Maybe the white, not-quite-educated working class racists and not-racists but economically disenfranchised wanted change. But I guaran-damn-tee you that the Obama Coalition would have been out in full force instead of sitting at home crying in their beer about emails and Benghazi, ya know? Minority turnout was down, and the angry white turnout was up.

So if Hillary Clinton just barely lost, does Spencer truly think President Obama would have lost? Really, actually, like in the real world? Or has he fallen down the rabbit hole of wishful thinking, in which Republicans think Obama is some sort of horrible president everyone hates?

I’m going with the latter on that one. Have fun in Wonderland. I’m going to stay here in the real world, the one where my President would have kicked that Cheeto Motherfucker’s ass while barely breaking a sweat. I’d gladly take three terms of a J.D. from Harvard University over a thrice married, four times bankrupted conman who can’t string together two coherent sentences on any subject – even after consulting four people.


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