If Hillary loses in swing-states, many of us would say that’s on the people who didn’t vote for the guy who actually trounces Trump in the polls right now. Hillary Hawks, however, will not. They’ll argue it was another Nader situation. And, fine, I’m not going to argue that right now. But if you think swing-state losses would be on Bernie or Busters, here’s a list of five things no Hillary fan will ever be able to pin on Bernie or Bust, period.
As you read this list, see if you can figure out how Sanders would stack up on these issues, and maybe you can grasp why some of us are taking a stand in this election. You don’t have to; revolution is hard…status quo is, well, status quo.

#5. When “all of a sudden” Hillary is willing to compromise on Social Security or Medicare

Do you remember when President Barack Obama floated the idea of chained-CPI formula changes for Social Security as a way to get the Republicans to play nicely with him? It was 2013, just after his re-election, so maybe you were all still too thrilled about that to anything but block the memory from your cerebral cortices. But it’s true, Obama offered to essentially give Social Security a hair cut. Do you think Hillary Clinton, the queen of triangulation and political dealing, wouldn’t do something similar for Social Security or Medicare? She’s on the record as of now, thanks to Bernie Sanders holding her feet to the fire, as being opposed to any cuts to the programs, but her statements in the past have absolutely left the door open for negotiation.
So all I’m saying is that it shouldn’t shock or surprise anyone who voted for her if she floats the same kinds of ideas that Obama did, and I’m guessing no one should be surprised when it fails; but they probably will be shocked to their core on both accounts in the Die Hard Hillary camp.

#4. When “out of the blue” Hillary says she has room to negotiate on abortion laws

Honestly, if you’re caught off guard by Hillary at some point giving a little ground to conservatives on abortion, you really have not been paying attention. In this very election cycle she has said she would be willing to negotiate on late term abortions. In 2005 the New York Times reported that as a senator she rankled an abortion rights group by coming out in favor of parental notification laws; a stance she has since — totally surprisingly — reversed herself on. I do truly believe that her views on the issue now are as she says they are, but what I don’t believe is that they are view that are in any way reliable beyond what she discerns is the best course in terms of polling responses. Hopefully she remains consistent on abortion, but since she waffled as recently as a few weeks ago, I’m not holding my breath, and neither should you.

#3. When it’s a “total surprise” that Hillary is all of a sudden supportive of the TPP

Here’s the thing about being an apologetic, successful politician — you flip and flop from time to time. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a free trade deal that many on the left are suspect of because of the power it hands giant corporations to duck or even challenge laws they don’t like. Hillary Clinton treated the TPP like she treats just about every important issue from marriage equality to fracking — like a science experiment wherein the goal is to find out the exact fulcrum of the issue, and to plant herself on it, so that she may never be accused of going too far to one side. Right now, it’s politically expedient to her to assuage the fears of her base by telling them she’s against it, but if she hoped it would be the “gold standard” of trade deals once before, how surprised should any of us be if she suddenly, once in office, decides she’d like to revisit it?
“Not very fucking,” is the correct answer to that last question, FYI.

#2. When she does a “shocking about face” on fracking in the U.S.

Sensing a theme yet? Fracking might be one of Clinton’s most glaring instances of triangulation and loose principles. While she has been vociferous of late about curbing hydraulic fracturing in the U.S. , she has been pushing it in other nations. In case you feel like accusing me of being a Republican troll or shill, this report from that über right-wing rag Mother Jonesmight help clear that mess up. This doesn’t mean she’ll push fracking as part of her foreign policy agenda once elected, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t generate much confidence she won’t either. But keep telling yourself she’s the strongest candidate on ecological issues.

#1. When she signs up your sons or daughters to die in a “totally unforeseen” foreign war 

George W. Bush didn’t think we were going to war in Afghanistan, or Iraq when he ran for president in 2000 as a “domestic policy” candidate. You have to be honest enough with yourself to admit that Clinton is far more openly in favor of nation building via the armed forces than even Dubya was back then. She was one of the strongest voices pushing for us to help push for regime change in Libya. If you think her chummy relationship with Henry Kissinger means she doesn’t share any views on American military action then you need to find a new planet to live on. I’m not suggesting she’s Dick Cheney and will try to drag us into a war…because she doesn’t outright own any defense contracting companies. She just works side by side with them to get money for her family’s foundation in exchange for defense contracts, and no, that’s not a right-wing talking point, it’s verified fact.
All I’m trying to say is the first Hillary Hawk that cries tears of sadness when President Hillary decides we need to invade a country somewhere to spread democracy, I’m not going to dry their tears with anything but a massive cocktail napkin with the words, “I fucking told you so” scrawled across them.


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