Okay, so Donald Trump kinda just implied that if gun lovers are unhappy about Hillary Clinton winning in November they should consider assassinating her. On the face of it, that might seem like a bridge to far for any sane, rational, human being with more than a handful of synaptic connections available to them at any given time. The online furor over the comments didn’t take long to reach a fever pitch on social media. But are liberals just being too sensitive?
Some Republicans think so.
In the aftermath of Trump’s assassination comments, our email inboxes were flooded with irate Democrats and even non-partisan Americans who were demonstrably outraged over Trump’s assassination remarks. But buried within the angry emails from concerned voters were a couple dozen emails from Republicans saying they thought Democrats were just overreacting. The emails all said that if a Democrat had been on the campaign trail and had causally remarked about how it was possible to just murder a Republican if you don’t like that they were elected, they’d “laugh it off” and “think it was funny and no biggie” because you know, Republicans are known for having a sense of humor about that kind of shit. Duh.
We curated five such emails, and here they are now, in their entirety:

These 5 Republicans Would Get The Joke If A Democrat Joked About Assassinating A Republican:


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