You gotta love the corporate-sponsored medias sphere. After spending months building the “Blue Wave” narrative in their various publications, and it’s very important to remember that — they created the whole “Blue Wave” thing — when the results started barely trickling in, collectively the media was beside itself that the wave wasn’t coming.

But, in fact, a blue wave did appear last night. It’s just that it didn’t rise to whatever the level was that the press spent their time building anticipation for it thought they’d see. And all of a sudden, it was going to be a bad night for Dems, and the kicker? They started heaping praise on Donny Trump’s “strategy” because some very Trumpy states got very Trumpy senators, as if any of the states they lost were really all that shocking.

On that note — If Claire McCaskill is going to call righteously indignant and confrontational Democrats the “crazy” ones, she’s no better than a Republican so fuck her anyway. The world’s on fire, Trump is using the government like his own personal piggy bank, and Claire’s over there in a corner weeping for Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ fee-fees. No thanks, with friends like Claire, who needs Republicans?

The point is — the wave came. It’s just that not every wave is a fast moving one. As someone lucky enough to live within 15 minutes of the beach for most of his adult life, let me remind you all that some of the biggest waves form miles offshore and take time to fully crest. Taking back control of one-half of one-third of the government may not seem like much, but the Democrats flipped the House for the first time in nearly a decade. They will hold all the oversight power that Republicans pretended they couldn’t find for Trump after abusing it under Obama. Goddamn Kansas and Texas had districts flip that were a direct result of a youthful, progressive…dare I say it?


But all night long, literally from the first results coming in, every talking head I saw was lamenting the lack of a blue wave. I mean, excuse me the fuck very much, but I’m old enough to remember 2010 when Dems losing the House was literally the biggest story in the history of all things ever.

There was a wave last night. Corporate douchebag media has a bias toward revenue, and they’re trying to gauge how much they have to placate Republicans. So that’s why there was even talk about it being a disappointing night for the Democrats. If people even paid a passing glance to the polls in the last few weeks, there really weren’t any big shockers, other than how close Beto made it in Texas, Gillum made it in Florida, and Stacy Abrams made it in Georgia despite blatant, racist voter suppression.

But there’s no doubt that between the House, the major shift in governors’ mansions flipping, and even losing seats like Heller’s in the Senate out in Nevada that this wave isn’t a dud…it’s just a slow building one. Republicans might be crowing about their paltry pick up in the Senate, and they have the scoreboard right now to back up their trash talk. That said, the Senate map is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy different two years from now, and some might call this electoral momentum.

There were the highest number of women elected to Congress ever last night too, so don’t tell me that there aren’t signs all over the place of a wave taking place. Keep your eyes on the prize, but to call this anything but a wave is just simply disingenuous. Democrats did what they had to do to start the process of, finally, holding a corrupt, white collar crook accountable for the very first time in his life.

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