My Literal, Immediate Response to Finding Out Paul Ryan Just Endorsed Donald Trump

Paul Ryan just endorsed Donald Trump. One rat's apparently staying on the poop deck.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan just announced his endorsement of Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy. This was my literal, immediate reaction:
Oh, also, this is how I feel right now:
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I Really Hope No One Is Surprised When Every Republican Lines Up Behind Donald Trump

Literally wrote that one yesterday. They will¬†ALL sell out.¬†Every single one. Because they have to. It’s what prostitutes who fuck the entire country get paid in — political power. If Trump wins, the Democrats will need to be all:
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Because this proves that it’s not “principles” or “morals” that matter to Republicans. It’s this:
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Which they can keep doing if they stay here:
Even while the rest of the country turns to this:
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