Don’t Forget: Jill Stein Helped To Get Donald Trump Elected

Even though Jill Stein got a little over a million of the popular vote, it’s important to point out that she had a part in getting Donald Trump elected. What I am about to say will almost certainly send her supporters into a rage, but pissing off the left isn’t something I am new to.

Let’s remember that Jill Stein ran to the far-left of Bernie Sanders in 2016. Once it was apparent that he wasn’t going to be the Democratic nominee, she asked him to join the Green Party ticket, which he wisely refused to do. Instead he endorsed Hillary Clinton at the convention and went on to campaign for her, even if Bernie didn’t believe in everything Secretary Clinton stood for.

Rather than coalesce around Bernie Sanders and his decision, some of his most ardent “supporters” like H.A. Goodman (a former Ron Paul backer) decided to get behind Jill Stein instead. Until the polls closed, I watched people on Reddit and Facebook claim that Bernie had betrayed progressives, and that people should vote for Jill Stein, or not vote at all.

There were also the claims from Jill Stein that Hillary Clinton was just as bad as Donald Trump. She said that a nuclear war was more likely with Clinton as president, and Zerohedge promoted a story via the Antimedia conspiracy blog that said her foreign policy was scarier than what Donald Trump had in mind.

Let’s also not forget that she, along with Donald Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor, were seated at the same table as Vladimir Putin at a banquet celebrating the anniversary of RT. This is a Russian state propaganda outlet that had Michael Flynn on as an analyst, and Stein as a regular guest.

If you don’t believe all of the photographic evidence or any of the articles linking Jill Stein to Russia and Vladimir Putin, here’s a quote from her website.

“Stein attended a dinner Thursday night, sitting at the table with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “While the objective of that dinner was not to engage in serious discussions, Putin did appear to respond in his formal remarks to the call for greater dialogue and collaboration made by myself and three other political figures on the foreign policy panel earlier that day.

Putin noted, “What I would like to say, something really unexpected, when I was watching this material. When I was listening to your comments, politicians from other countries, you know what I caught myself thinking about? I agree with them, on many issues.”

Stein continued, “Tomorrow I will meet with the foreign affairs chair of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, to explore whether Russia would be receptive to a more collaborative approach to foreign policy that I have been talking about in my presidential campaign. Citizens of our countries and the world deserve a new commitment to collaborative dialogue between our governments to avert disastrous wars for geopolitical domination, destruction of the climate, and cascading injustices that promote violence and terrorism. Opening such a dialogue would be a first step towards real progress on the interlocking threats that both nations – and the world – are facing.” (Source)

There is no doubt that Jill Stein, along with Trump’s proxies, are more in line with Moscow’s interests than our own. They happily sold us down the river to fascism, because of far-left conspiracies that aren’t too far from far-right conspiracies that we mock.

This can’t be pinned on these ideological purists and traitors like Jill Stein alone. Yes, H.A. Goodman, I called you a grifter. And if you have a problem with that, I’d like to ask you how your disastrous Reddit AMA went.

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