Dear Liberals: To Stop Trump, We Have To Work With Republicans

I’m expecting the following responses to this article on stopping Donald Trump. Normally, I would be loath to suggest working with conservatives and Republicans, but 2016 has taken the normal rules of our political system and turned them into a burning cross Klan rally that is our future under a Trump presidency.

“Wait, what? How dare you suggest that we work together with conservatives to stop Trump? Conservatives and Republicans are our worst enemy according to everyone I know in the liberal media! You’re a secret Republican plant paid off by the NRA and the Koch Brothers like those websites said, I knew it!”

I get it, the though of working with Republicans is stomach-turning to most liberals, especially those who have not had to work in the daily grind of government. Outside of the partisan bubble fantasy, our country has always managed to lurch forwards because people from all sides got together and found a way to make things work. The last time we failed to do that was a little over 150 years ago, and approximately 620,000 soldiers died as a result in our Civil War.

Democrats need to rebuild after 2016 and look ahead to the 2018 mid-term elections, but more importantly, we have to stop Donald Trump. Doing that is in the best interests of Republicans and Democrats, because he is a threat to the interests of both parties.

Here’s one example: Obamacare. Republicans have run against it ever since it was signed into law, but what are they going to do if Obamacare is repealed? What are they going to replace it with? Nearly everything the GOP has proposed as an alternative is likely to be wildly unpopular if implemented. There are some changes that could be made to make the marketplace more competitive and allow the free market to offer better healthcare plans, but throwing the whole thing out would blow up in their faces.

Another example is the national debt. Republicans have complained bitterly about the national debt since President Obama was elected, even though they were almost completely silent when Bush slashed taxes and then blew trillions of dollars on Afghanistan and Iraq. With Trump promising to slash taxes once again, Republicans and Democrats should join together to hold his feet to the fire on the issue of the deficit and taxes, especially if they call themselves fiscal conservatives.

Democrats shouldn’t be willing to shut down the government to score points with the fringe like Ted Cruz did, but we can still find ways to work with reasonable Republicans to keep Trump in check.

It’s important to resist Trump whenever possible, but Democrats cannot be the obstructionist party that Republicans were for the entirety of President Obama’s tenure in office. We have to be the voice of reason, not the constant temper tantrum whenever we don’t get everything we want, and the pony too.

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