5 More Media Outlets Donald Trump Considers Enemies Of The American People

If your media outlet doesn't shower Donald Trump with effusive, incessant, probably undeserved praise, you are an enemy of the people.

It’s tough to say whether President Trump is losing it, or has just always been this insecure, self-aggrandizing, self-delusional, disconnected, oligarchic moron, or if this is a new development since becoming president. Well, actually, it’s not that tough at all. If you read his Twitter timeline, you’ll see all the evidence you need that Trump has always been an obsessive, tantrum throwing, narcissistic fuck shoe.

This is why he’s really losing his mind every day on the press. When George W. Bush won the presidency without the popular vote you hardly ever heard him bring it up, except to say that he understood it meant he had to be a president for all people. Trump, however , clearly thinks the only people he should care about are the ones who voted for him. This is particularly ironic because for eight years we heard how Obama only cared about Democrats.

Trump has taken his assault on the people to a new level by cranking up his hatred of the press. Or rather, his hatred of press that isn’t congratulatory or flattering of him. Here’s a recent tweet from Trump, just last week. In it, he actually calls the press — which the Constitution expressly protects — an “enemy of the American People.” Do not adjust your monitors, this is a real tweet.

But media outlets aren’t just the news; they encompass all sorts of mediums. So we did some research and came up with five more media outlets Trump considers to be enemies of the American people…exclamation point.

#5. Sesame Street

Only libtards want their kids to learn stuff not in the Bible. Only libtards want to steal precious money from rich people to pay for the stupid public television to try and reach kids of all means to teach them things not in the Bible. Clearly Sesame Street comes from the depths of hell and is a menace to society. Totally an enemy of the people.

#4. MTV

MTV’s very first slogan was, “I Want My MTV.” Now, who else says, “I want” things? That’s right, libtarded libtard takers do. True Americans produce. Then they horde and watch people with less than them starve to death and die in the streets of preventable diseases. Takers take, makers make, and Patriots…patriate? I don’t know. The point is that MTV is clearly a communist shill organization because if they weren’t, their first slogan would have been, “I want my MTV, and I’m willing to pay the prevailing market rate for it.”

#3. Univison

Umm. This is Mexican State TV, isn’t it? Oh, it’s a corporate owned media outlet like all our other networks? Well, still, they speak Mexican! Let me repeat Mexican. And we all know what Mexico sends us, right? They send us rapists, drug dealers, and murderers. Some, I’m assuming are good people, but our dear leader did us all a huge service be reminding the world that literally no one from Mexico should be trusted to not rape you, murder you, or sell your kid drugs. So, yeah, Univision bad.

#2. Bravo TV

Ordinarily, Trump wouldn’t care much at all about Bravo TV. But when you remind him that the network shows all sorts of reality TV programming but his beloved “The Apprentice” isn’t one of them? Well then stand back because Capt. Tiny Hands will unleash a torrent of obscenities. Because everyone knows the best TV show ever is “The Apprentice,” no matter which genre we’re talking about. But if your whole thing is reality TV and you don’t put the best reality TV show in the history of the entire planet on it, clearly you are hiding an un-American agenda and must be an enemy of the people.

#1. The Food Network

Sure, Americans love food more than they love American values. But the Food Network has never, not once, aired a single show specifically dedicated to the foo that President Trump eats. Why is that? You have to wonder if there isn’t some sinister agenda behind that decision. Everyone is dying to know what Trump stuffs in his anus-like mouth. And to deny the American people that information is a bridge too far, and they must be investigated to the fullest extent of the law.

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